About EIT

Founded in Dearborn, Michigan by brothers Brian and David Surowiec (the Heroic Surowiecs!), Essential IT opened for business in March 2003. With extensive IT experience in the healthcare industry and the ability to strategically select and apply technology in ways that pushed the limits, the Surowiecs embarked on a journey that has contributed to over 200 clients in several industries.

Today, as it was from the start, we at Essential IT are focused on making a positive contribution to each and every client we have the opportunity to serve and are delighted and grateful to be surrounded by amazing clients, partners, and suppliers.


Our Mission

To simply create an IT Revolution and WOW our customers. It isn't easy to say what that is supposed to look like, but it points to the impact we want to have on our clients, the industry, and ultimately the world. You could call it a new paradigm in information technology consulting or a lofty goal, but either way we are empowered to pursue what is possible.


Our Vision

We imagine a world where organizations use the power of technology consistent with their purpose and objectives, operate with integrity and excellence, and produce amazing results that contribute to the world.  A world of thriving communities where people live happy and healthy lives, do work they love and fully express themselves in each and every relationship.

Our Values


Our actions are consistent to our commitments. We do a complete job and we go beyond what is expected of us. We are unstoppable.


We believe in and love what we do. We give ourselves fully all day, everyday. What we do is fun and inspiring to all involved.


We operate inside a realm of endless possibility to generate new and exciting solutions that raise the bar and bring out the best of what we have to offer.


We listen for and recreate our customers’ commitments. We are empowered to do what it takes to wow our customers.


We operate as a community for the community, ultimately affecting change in the world. We say that collaboration produces revolutionary results not obtainable through individual effort. Everyone’s contribution is crucial to success.