Why Essential IT?

We Empower Companies to Thrive in a Digital Economy.

Essential IT provides IT and marketing services that empower high growth companies to become more productive and prosperous in an ever-changing, increasingly-networked marketplace. We wow clients not with glitzy tech, but through custom solutions that work. We deliver results because we ask, listen and learn. We’re passionate about using tech to make an impact for clients.


How Can We Be Essential To You?

Website Design

We write, design and code modern, optimized websites that are visually appealing as well as hardworking. More>

Hosting / Support

Behind the scenes, we do everything needed to keep your site up and running, including hosting, monitoring, support and maintenance. More>

Apps / Software

Partner with us to design and build mobile or SaaS tools that are simple, useful and sticky. More>

Inbound Marketing

Draw prospective customers to your website through strategic digital marketing programs including SEO, paid search, PPC, and social. More>

Content Marketing

Turn anonymous site visitors into leads by offering relevant, valuable content such as blogging, videos, email, and white papers. More>

Branding / Messaging

We help you articulate a compelling brand message and a convey a unique, modern visual identity across your marketing channels. More>

IT Services

Call on EIT for data backups, email setup, networking, security, hardware/software rollouts, upgrades, and more. More>

Our History

Essential IT was founded in 2003, by brothers Brian and David Surowiec, to address a gap in the market for IT and web services.

Business owners we spoke with were frustrated. They knew technology was essential to their continued growth, but to make it work they were faced with two choices, neither ideal: do it themselves, or try to get results from costly agencies.

Companies that tried to build sites or handle email, networking and other IT needs on their own got stuck. They didn’t have the people, time or experience to take the ball into the end zone.

Companies that approached agencies or IT services firms felt underserved. Those firms seemed more interested in how websites looked rather than if the sites were effective as a marketing and sales channel. Owners said they often felt talked down to, not listened to.

For these reasons, Essential IT was born. Our role is to combine the disciplines of marketing and technology to address your needs effectively, efficiently and elegantly.

essential it team, david & brian

How We Work

We approach your business IT and marketing needs collaboratively and strategically. We listen to your goals, concerns and budget; we take time to understand your value proposition and brand voice; what makes your business unique. Everything we recommend and implement is essential to what you want to realize and accomplish.

We use technology to help organize and streamline projects and client feedback. However, relationships and communication are key to how we do business, so we believe there is nothing like a quick phone call to ensure understanding and to keep the ball rolling. We are also committed to rapid response for all urgent issues so your business IT and marketing systems stays reliable and productive.

Tech Enthusiasts

We’re a tight-knit community of experienced professionals with a strong sense of commitment. We want to create value—at work and in our lives.

We love technology for the potential it has to reach people and effect change.

We employ the very best people who share this vision and passion for innovation and service, whether down the road or across the country.


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