Web Hosting

Appealing, engaging and optimized for results.

Having a great website is only part of a great solution. You need Your Ultimate Silent Salesperson to be fast, effective, and most importantly - available 24/7. Having your website be up and available to your customers and prospects - all the time - develops their trust in your business and tells them that you are credible and that they can depend on you. This is where hosting comes in, but beware: Not all web hosting solutions are created equal.

Hosting Above The Rest: Technology + Service


The most basic and the most inexpensive of hosting alternatives is shared hosting. With shared hosting, numerous customers host their websites or applications on the same server, sharing the cost of an Internet connection that's generally faster and more secure than dial-up connections. Because the resource is shared, server performance is impacted and security is easier to compromise.

While economically attractive, this type of hosting typically cannot handle large amounts of storage or traffic and the provider offers little to no IT services or flexibility. Essential IT does not offer shared hosting. We prefer Cloud Hosting. Cloud environments overcome the downside of shared hosting by using a network of servers and has the ability to scale on-the-fly according to user demand and traffic spikes.


Most of our clients are not tech-savvy, nor do we expect them to be. That's why we can act as your web technology department. Having a technology partner that you can contact when you need to setup a new email account or update a crucial page of content in a pinch is just another way that we help our clients keep technology working for them. You do what you do best and we'll do what we do best.

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