IT Solutions

Harness the power of technology.

Consultative Approach

With so much technology to choose from there are often several solutions to one problem. It takes a great deal of knowledge and care to pick the best, most cost effective solution. This is where Essential IT excels. It’s more than the problem / solution approach. Essential IT is committed to understanding each client’s vision to determine which technologies will work best to help achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on our integrity and only recommend the technology that is essential. Because, if it isn’t essential you don’t need IT. Learn more about our consulting experience.

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Geared for Productivity

Business Productivity is possibly the main reason technology exists and continues to be advanced. Without it we'd be stuck in the stories of how life used to be and get very little done compared to what we've become accustomed to. Attractive as that may be to some, it isn't easy for us to disengage the culture around us and stay in business. We need to adapt, stay on the edge, and do what it takes to be competitive. Essential IT's value goes beyond the tools and the know-how of computing. We also have a background providing productivity training and have worked with a prominent productivity company to develop software supporting their cutting-edge methodology. Leveraging this experience in the way we approach and solve our client's technology issues provides unique perspective and opportunity for breakthrough results.

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    Traditional IT services

    IT Support Services

    Essential IT has you covered for traditional IT outsourcing. From network design to simple technical support, we do it all. Our pay-on-demand services or fixed monthly contracts, exceptional customer service, and prompt availability have given rise to our success in the last seven years. Essential IT offers IT solutiions tailored to you since our approach is to provide you with the essentials and help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Contact us today for a free consultation by either sending an email request or giving us a call at 313.586.7462.

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