“Having EIT run my website marketing has been the best decision I have made so far.  Your dedication and persistence outweighs your competition and I am very happy with your response time and knowledge.  Thank you.”
Leah - Owner of Mamavation


Mamavation came to us after suffering from a severe loss in website traffic.  Leah, the owner, needed a long term solution that would withstand the changing web conditions and the technology of cell phone optimization.  Her traffic had taken over a 50% drop in the span of 90 days, clearly something was wrong with the website, the user experience and the customer journey.  


At first, we didn’t want to change or alter the website.  We wanted to try to repair the current website with technical aspects to increase the speed and help it respond quickly on both desktop and mobile.  After this repair, the website began to respond and rebound in traffic.  However, it still wasn’t reaching the same traffic before the decline. 


After 30 days of monitoring the traffic and the visits to the website, it became apparent that a new theme was needed to improve the customer experience and the website speed.  At that point we quickly moved the website to a new Wordpress theme and began on-page on off-page Search Engine Optimization.  Within 60 days, Mamavation traffic was back up to “normal” traffic levels and showing all the signs of increasing at a healthy rate. 

Today Mamavation has now achieved the highest traffic it has ever received with a great customer experience and a fantastic conversion rate.  The traffic has more than tripled and continues to grow bringing new clients on a weekly basis.  We continue to optimize the website on a monthly basis to maintain and grow with the changing climate of the internet.