5 Things Your Customers Want On Your Restaurant Website

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Your website is a wealth of information for your customers. When designing your website there are a few things you should consider. We asked around on Twitter and these were real responses we got.  Here are 5 things your customers want on your restaurant website.

  • Menus with pricing
  • Your hours
  • Exact address (include if a parking lot is available or parking situation)
  • Do you offer different dietary options? Gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, keto-friendly.
  • If you are kid friendly, some indication of that welcome kids.

Menus with pricing

Giving your customers an idea of how much a meal will cost them before they step foot into your restaurant makes it easier on them. Your pricing may change from time to time, but that is a simple update to your site. One added bonus of doing that, Google sees that you are updating your site. Also, include any specials that you regularly run.

Your hours

Maybe you are only a dinner spot or only a lunch spot. Let your potential customers know. There was a restaurant in a very busy area that I had wanted to try for a while. We were out on a Saturday afternoon, they didn’t open until 4. They were missing out on foot traffic and potential customers since their times were not on their website. Posting your hours gives customers some idea of when your busiest time might be.

Exact address

This is an easy one. Put your exact address on your website to make it easier for customers. For mobile, include the option to open in maps. Additionally, add in notes about parking lots or street parking nearby. If construction is going on around you, let customers know as well. A simple, “Yes we are still open. Try parking over on X street this week.”

Different dietary options

Making note if a meal is vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten-free can help customers select their food more easily. One of my friends is a vegetarian and noted that many restaurants are now having their vegetarian option also be gluten-free. She noted how disappointing it is, but she can ask for substitutions or options to get a better meal experience for her.


Being a mom myself, this is a big one for me. Sometimes I want to take my son out to dinner and other times I want to leave him at home. If you are a kid-friendly establishment note that right away on your site. Same if you are a 21+ establishment. A simple coloring sheet and crayons is a nice touch if you are a kid-friendly restaurant. Also, remember a kid’s meal shouldn’t be as much as an adult meal. Kids like simple foods and please include a fruit or vegetable. It may be the only time we can bribe them into eating something other than mac n cheese.

Your restaurant’s website gives your customers a sense of your establishment. Make the most of it with these tips that diners have noted.  Need help getting ideas for your restaurant website design?  Connect with us to get started.