The 3 Conveniences of Canva

Megan LillyBranding


Ever been interested in graphic design but don’t know where to start? You don’t need a complicated program to create professional designs for a business. Canva is a user-friendly platform that I’ve personally become familiar with as a college student while trying my hand at professional projects. Exercising marketing creativity does not have to come from a place of broad technological knowledge. When I first started using Canva for a class project I could easily and quickly comprehend the program. I’ve learned techniques to create skillful infographics, logos, and social media content. Here are 3 conveniences of Canva as a free program to improve any business’s look and overall theme!

1. Transparency

One of my favorite tricks to use in Canva is playing with the transparency function on the main toolbar. Layering elements such as shapes or lines on top of one another adds an element of advanced design without a complicated program. Use the dotted lines and vary the thickness while layering with transparency and you will be impressed with the emphasis it can add to a post such as an Instagram story.

canva transperency

canva color selector2. Colors make a difference.

Any element, background, or text can be adjusted to any color that suits the function of your business. If you want a clean and simple look, change to monotone colors. Add a pop of color that intersects with the message you want to come across through your business. My favorite use of color is utilizing the same variation of color but lightening the hue to create consistency.

Does your business have a trademark color?
Canva allows you to enter the specific color code that you want to use. Not only does Canva find the color you want without any necessary coding, but it also finds suggested color templates that you can use for uniformity in your business look.


3. Any template is malleable.

Templates are incredibly helpful on Canva when finding a place to start. I consistently use Ctrl X (Command X) when creating the design that is best for my ultimate goal. Not only are these templates easy to use, you can find any template that suits your business’s look. Cutting out some of the elements on a template, adding other shapes, and customizing the image to your needs is only surface-level tools available with this platform.

canva templates

Canva makes business creativity possible.  What could you create in after reading about the 3 conveniences of Canva?

If you’re a restaurant owner Canva can help you make menus, logos, and gift certificates.  As you work on your website, this could be a great tool.