Keyword Strategy – How SEO Experts Find the Right Keywords

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Many times, a website or company that offers a service will develop keywords mentally that they think their website should rank for in the search engines. This is usually what their service or product is and where they are located. The business owner thinks, “If I show up first for this keyword in Google, all of my problems online would be fixed.”  Keyword strategy involves a bit more.  Below we will dig into Chiropractic SEO strategy for a client.

For example:

You are a Chiropractor in a medium-sized city – logically the keywords you would want to show up for would be the following:

  • Chiropractor Near Me
  • “City Name” Chiropractor
  • Best Chiropractor “City Name”

This seems like a great group of keywords for a Chiropractor, right?

Well, this is not how SEO practitioners look at keywords. We consider several factors when trying to find keywords that will bring clients, the good SEO’s anyway. Here are a few things we look at when building a keyword strategy for a Chiropractor or any small business.

1. What is the Conversion Rate of your website?

This is a number that can only be found when using a tool such as Google Analytics…hint (if you don’t have this, you need it right now).

Below is a screen shot of a conversion rate of one of our Chiropractor clients:

conversion rate, essential it

16.67% of the people that visited this website in the month of May took an action that we wanted them to take. Either calling a phone number, scheduling an online appointment, watching a video, etc.

Therefore, the conversion rate of this website is 16.67%.

If the conversion rate of your website is not determined, we take a safe route of assuming it has a conversion rate of 5% (this is industry standard for any basic website).

***Important Note***

Many of our clients, when we first start working with them do not have a conversion rate of even 1%. That means even if we do get you to the first, second, or third position on Google, you still won’t get the number of clients you think you should.  Conversion rates should be looked at from a User Experience perspective and Chiropractic SEO strategy based.

I can’t tell you how many times we have done this for our clients and then the website did not do its job.

Once we know this percentage then we look at which keywords are sending people to your website that turn into a conversion.

2. What are the keywords in Google Search Console?

This is another valuable and free tool that every website needs to use and have configured correctly.

For the month of May – below are some of the keywords that sent people to the website from a Google search:

chiropractor keywords, essential it

As you can see, there are all kinds of keyword variations to help build on keyword strategy.

Let’s look at a NWA Chiropractor.

NWA is not a city – it is a region of the state that is commonly used by people that live there. NWA stands for North West Arkansas. So, if we targeted only a city specific keyword, we would miss all the people that typed in the regional keyword.

The rabbit hole goes deeper…

There was one person that typed in the keyword “torque release technique chiropractors near me.”

keyword search, essential it

This person went to our website and called us. We showed up in first position on Google, our website worked well, and they called. We can’t do much better than that.

This is what we call an Elevated Keyword.

It means that the person that typed it in had an education on what you offer. The knew the terminology and exactly what they were looking for, so they were easy to convert as long as they saw that your website offered this service.

This is also a High-Intent Keyword.

That means that if they found what they were looking for on your website, then you solved their problem and they want to call or contact you. The problem was contained in what they typed, and you provided the solution.

Here is an example of another High-Intent Keyword.

“Chiropractor for numb feet”

If I have numb feet, I want to see some type of doctor that can fix it. I am either going to go to a Podiatrist or a Chiropractor. If we target this keyword by using Chiropractic SEO strategy and techniques – the search volume monthly may be low – but the intent is high.

A good SEO would say let’s write a page or article on the website that talks about how chiropractic care helps with numbness.  The right keyword and the right intent will boost your keyword strategy.

3. What is the competition in Google for that keyword?

This can only be determined by using a SEO focused software. There are many out there but the one we prefer is SEMRush.

Competition takes in many factors but here are a few of them:

  • How many people are searching for that term monthly?
  • What are companies paying to be in first position in the Ads for that term?
  • How many times is that term mentioned on the top performing websites?
  • How many links and referral partners does that top website have?

If you were a Chiropractor and you told us you wanted to compete for the same terms as Dr. Josh Axe (the most famous chiropractor in the entire world). We would say that is going to take a long time and a lot of human hours to make it happen.

We could do it, (we have done it before and are currently doing it for one of our clients that is a true competitor of Dr. Josh Axe) but would it be in your best interest as a local chiropractor? No.  We want to build a Chiropractic SEO strategy that helps your business win.

***Another important note. ***

Keywords need to be specific to what you are offering. Like if you were a company that sold pictures of tigers. We would target a keyword that says “Tiger Wall Art.” We would not target the keyword “Tiger.”

Remember – your keywords must have High Intent.

In summary:

Your website can have 100’s even 1000’s of keywords. Keywords are always changing and taking this in to account on a regular basis is crucial for anyone on an active SEO campaign. Organic search does better for driving leads to a website than any other form of online marketing.

78% of people that are ready to make a purchase or find a service online, start with an organic search.

We believe SEO is the best way available to increase the amount of people searching online find your website.

Ready to talk to us?  Let’s discuss your needs, goals, and put together a plan.