3 Online Tools To Help You Go Virtual

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Essential IT has been working virtually for years. We may have mastered the art of Skype, Zoom, Free Conference Call and making it all work. With COVID-19 many businesses are re-evaluating how they will do business when it can’t be done in person. Here are 3 online tools that can help your business go virtual.

1. Free Conference Call

Free Conference Call is a FREE tool to utilize for meetings. As a host, you can record and download meetings. You can send out meeting information and share your screen. User will have to download software on their computer, but this takes a minute to setup.

If you want to offer services or share meetings, you can follow this helpful video.

Pro tip: You don’t always need to turn on video as it can be very distracting.

2. Doxy

If you need HIPAA compliant teleconferencing software Doxy could be a solution for you. Patients do not need to download any plugins or software. It also works well with mobile.

An additional feature is the meeting tracking information. Unsure how long you chatted with your patient on Monday? You can go back and check.

3. Namastream

Looking for a solution for your gym, wellness service, or other class based business? Namastream can offer classes for your studio, coaching and private sessions through a streaming service.

There is a cost involved but at least you can keep up your classes and outreach.

What Not To DO

DO NOT load videos directly onto your site. Users will pull the video from your site and we want to avoid that. Please utilize Youtube or Vimeo if you need a video on your site. If you are an Essential IT hosting client, we will notify you pretty quickly that you have gone over bandwidth.

Many businesses will pivot and change their business model during this time. What other online tools or options are you considering?

Connect with Essential IT to discuss your options.