Hire a Web Developer to Save You Money

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Now that your business has grown and you have a loyal customer base, is it time to think about revamping your site and giving it a makeover? The short answer is undeniably yes. Your website serves one general purpose by integrating several factors into its arsenal of tools; that purpose is, of course, generating you more revenue.  Hire a web developer to save you money in the long run.

Why you need a web developer

The several tools in your website’s arsenal include design (artistic components), copy (words that effectively market your business) and SEO (search engine optimization). These elements and a few others are members of the same team and work integrally; if one fails, it brings the whole website down a notch. If a potential customer searching for the services you offer doesn’t find your site on the first two pages of a search, chances are they may not stumble upon you.

Even if someone does happen on your page from a general search for your services, will they stay if the site isn’t up-to-date, doesn’t offer the correct details or is – gasp – ugly? No, they won’t. Clicking on your website’s link on the search results is only the first step because you haven’t truly made your first impression yet. What they see first needs to engage them, whether it’s an image, a creative motto, a captivating first sentence or your company logo.  We can offer a third party perspective that can assist in the overall design of your site.

In addition to the above-listed basics, the “rules” of website development constantly change with new trends always dominating those of yesterday. Search engines frequently update the algorithms they use, trends in online marketing change seemingly monthly, new security threats pop up, and new competition may always be lurking around the corner. As your business continues to grow, your website needs to not only keep up, but be one step ahead.  Our job is to stay on top of that for you.

Time commitment

It’s estimated it will take 40 to 50 hours of your time to update your website, write new copy, and add a few bells and whistles – and this is if you can navigate all the changes in search-engine algorithms, marketing trends and security threats while knowing how to overcome the obstacles they provide.  This article addresses the time commitment, but the comments really drive home the core of a great site.  Content is king, we can help you curate that content.  We work closely together to help make your vision into a reality.

Time, as they say, is money. When your business was just starting, all of your time went into it (along with your blood, sweat and tears). It paid off: Now your customer base has grown and you have a great position on the playing field. What you don’t seem to have much of anymore is time.

As you’re tossing the idea around, chances are you’ll ask yourself if you should attempt to tackle this project on your own or if you should hire a professional. Even if you designed and updated your website in the past, hiring a professional company to transform it into a modern, user-friendly and visually captivating site allows you to spend your time focusing on other aspects of your business while alleviating the stress of navigating the constantly changing world of owning an online presence.


In today’s ever-growing, online-savvy crowd, your website matters, maybe more than you think. Your website is the place where online “window shoppers” can get the information they need to choose your business over the next. Your website needs to attract, engage and captivate your audience, ultimately turning curious browsers into clients. We can do that, contact us to learn more.